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Hy-rib  Hy-rib

Hy-rib  Hy-rib

Hy-rib also called high ribbedformwork ,use galvanized steel sheet as raw materials, processed with thetemplate unidirectional V-type three-dimensional network of unidirectionalribs. A complete hy-rib includes six raised lateral V-shaped network bone andevery two v-shaped net four tongue-shaped bone between the two parts of themesh projection surface, the total width is generally 445mm. V-shaped networkis a major source of whole bone strength steel, raised between thetongue-shaped stencil and a reinforcing material combined effect. Thelongitudinal length of 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m,2m etc, and sheet thickness is0.11-0.45mm.
High ribbed formwork hasexcellent mechanical properties of the network, adapted to cast concretesegments, with advanced scientific and broad applicability. Hy-rib has punchingand bending the tongue-shaped projections and the curved v-shaped skeleton oftwo parts, finished by two sets of molds. V-shaped frame with the curved moldmachining, forming difficulty focused on punching and bending tongue-shapedprojections, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the work piece using acontinuous mode, no scrap cutting.
High Ribbed Formwork ispermanently avoid demolition template mesh network board as a whole iscompletely non-contact, tensile exceptionally strong. High Ribbed Formworkbetter than the traditional template with the stress intensity and shape offreedom, depending on the application in large buildings as concrete permanentdismantle free template. High Ribbed Formwork engineering quality, structuralsafety, reduce construction costs and so has a good effect.
HighRibbed Formwork mortar or tile surface decoration is applied. It’s mainly usedfor quick and easy shut the building structure, but also for composing buildingfoundation walls, beams and structural parts surface appearance andpre-construction work required to cover.
High Ribbed network has been usedin a lot of large buildings and civil engineering, such as tunnels with hy-rib,bridges, raft foundation, sewers, subways, retaining walls, nuclear powerplant, dock, storage tanks, water and sewage plants, high-rise building, marineengineering and irregular or curved shape and so as to avoid demolitiontemplate permanent concrete.