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Welded wire mesh
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Galvanized welded wire mesh

Galvanized welded wire mesh

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Galvanized welded wire mesh  Galvanized welded wire mesh

Galvanized welded wire mesh  Galvanized welded wire mesh

Galvanized welded wire mesh use Q195wire drawing process through cold drawn to the desired wire diameter,straightened cut off, made through sophisticated automation machineryprocessing technology, flat surface, solid structure, strong integrity, even ifthe cut pieces or in parts under pressure will not happen loosening.
Galvanized welded wire mesh has hotgalvanized welded wire mesh and electric galvanized welded wire mesh
Galvanized welded wire mesh flatsurface, uniform mesh, silk warp and weft straight, diagonal accuracy within3-5 millimeters. Radial mesh deviation is not more than + -4%, zonal meshdeviation is not more than + -3%; weld tensile strength exceeded the nationalstandard.
Hot dipped galvanized welded wiremesh quality criterion: volume of zinc per square meter has been reached ormore than 122 grams. Hot dipped galvanized welded wire mesh is made of blacksilk welded wire mesh carried out under high temperature heat will melt intoliquid zinc after the base material immersed, so Mutual Permeation and zincwill form the base material, combined with very tight, the middle is not easyother residual impurities or defects in the coating material is similar to thetwo parts fused together, but the coating thickness, can reach 100 microns, geta high corrosion resistance, salt spray test 96h no problem, equivalent to 10years under normal environment .
Galvanized welded wire mesh widerange of uses, such as exterior thermal insulation net, corn wire mesh mostlyuse hot galvanized welded wire mesh.