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Galvanized Wires

Galvanized Wires

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Galvanized Wires  Galvanized Wires

Galvanized Wires  Galvanized Wires

Productionprocess: it is made of high quality low-carbonsteel wire rod processing, is made of high quality low-carbon steel, afterdrawing molding, pickling rust, high temperature annealing, galvanizing coolingand other processes processing.
Characteristics: galvanized wire with good toughness and flexibility, the highestamount of zinc can reach 300 grams / square meter. It has galvanized thickness,corrosion resistance and other characteristics.
GalvanizedWire Application: The products are widely used inconstruction, handicrafts, the preparation screen, highway fence, productpackaging and daily civilian fields.
Galvanized wire is divided into hotgalvanized wire and electric galvanized wire differences are:
Hot-dip galvanizing is melted in a heatedliquid zinc production speed, but uneven coating thickness, minimum thicknessof 45 microns market allows up to 300 microns. Darker, more consumption of zincmetal to form infiltration layer and the substrate metal, corrosion resistance,hot dip galvanized in outdoor environment can be maintained for decades.
Electric galvanized in the plating bath isunidirectional current through the zinc plated metal surface gradually, slowproduction, coating evenly, thin, usually only 3-15 microns, bright appearance,corrosion resistance is poor, Usually a few months it will rust.
Compare with hot-dipped galvanized,electro-galvanized production costs is lower .