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Soft black wire
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Black wires

Black wires

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Black wires  Black wires

Black wires  Black wires

Blackannealed wire raw material is generally made Q195model rod drawn into the black wire. After selecting raw materials by about1000 ° calcination maintain sufficient time, and then cooled at a rateappropriate. The purpose is to reduce the hardness to improve machinability;eliminate residual stress, dimensional stability, reduce distortion andcracking tendency; grain refinement, organizational restructuring, theelimination of organizational deficiencies.
Characteristics: softer than ordinary black wire, moreflexibility, softness uniform, consistent color.
Application: mainly used in construction, mining, chemical,welding network, welding racks, and then processing. Annealed wire is soft,increase flexibility, doing construction tie wire, better steel banding effect .