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PVC  fence

PVC fence

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PVC lawn fence  PVC lawn fence

PVC lawn fence fit between green courtyard, garden paths, City Avenue, white and beautiful visual effects, make their homes, so that the city, make our lives more beautiful。

PVC irons fence  PVC irons fence

PVC irons fence has smooth lines, simple and beautiful, being enriched with strong sense of era and modernization,  this fence anticorrosive, weather resistant, no rust, no frail, afraid of insects, no brushing, flexible installation, and often new regular cleaning, use it can Property improve taste.


PVC road isolation fence  PVC road isolation fence

PVC road isolation fence using the internal high-strength PVC plastic and metal support structure, the design retains the traditional style of the fence, as compared with conventional rails, this product is easy for installation, fixed installation using iron bolts; traveling free installation use cast iron seat and non-steel counterweight, quick service, after damage, could local assembly or replacement fast, the product color is variety, more beautiful scenery after road use, more visible, and it does not corrode, without regular paint, reduces the amount of brushing cost, will not cause pollution to the environment; such as a collision, people, vehicles and the extent of damage is smaller than a conventional fence; the product specifications, the full range, you can choose the height and color, suitable for urban traffic arteries, highway wicket, toll stations and other places requiring isolation


Product Features
1, Selecting high quality PVC with special additives, and use of a unique formula production process with independent intellectual property rights and professional production process, in full compliance with anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, non-fading, dust, static discharge, maintenance-free, anti-ultraviolet, and other special Claim.
2, metal pillar as the inner liner, high strength, no rust, wide and long life, the use of; unique design, so that the "copper spirit" series of products has a variety of combinations, showing the diversity of species, beautiful, easy installation, maintenance convenient, easy to clean, economical and practical, eliminating maintenance.