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Barbed wire

Barbed wire

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Barbed wire  Barbed wire

Barbed wire  Barbed wire

Barbed wire : original materials and processing technology
Barbed wire is using barbed wire machinery wrapped barbed wire in main wire (strand) , through a variety of weaving made the isolation fence. It can be divided into the barbed wire twines around a single strand wire called single strand barbed wire ; barbed wire wrapped around the main wire twist two or more double-strand weaving became double strand barbed wire. It consists of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, wire, galvanized wire, plastic coated wire, etc. twist and weaving. Surface treatment process is divided into: pickling rust, high temperature annealing, galvanizing, cooling and other processes processing galvanized barbed wire, made of cold galvanized cold galvanized barbed wire, the PVC or PE, PP powder high temperature, automatic production line dip coating made of vulcanized plastic barbed wire; or surface-coated aluminum is made. Mainly used for protective isolation organs and units, roads, railways, airports, border posts, buildings, apartments and other places of the garden.
Barbed wire twist types : single twist barbed wire, double twist barbed wire and traditional twist barbed wire .
single twist barbed wire : use two iron wire or a plurality of wire twisted into a double-strand wire then barbed iron wire wrapped around the double-stranded wire.
double twist barbed wire: Barbed wire is first twines around the main wire (that is, single wire) then coupled with a wire twist compilation partnership with dual stocks barbed wire.
traditional twist barbed wire : that is opposite from barbed wire wrapped around the main wire to the direction of twist and weaving.
Single strand of barbed wire,
Single strand barbed wire Machine consists line wire and barbed wrie two parts and supporting with three put wire tray, using advanced electronic counting control, is the only domestic production of a single strand of barbed wire machine equipment.
A single strand of barbed characteristic : with a single strand of barbed wire is twisted together, easier forming than double strand barbed , stable, low noise, production safety, energy province, high production efficiency.
A single strand of barbed wire material: high quality low carbon steel wire (galvanized, hot galvanized, coated, spray) silk, blue, green, yellow and other colors.
Single strand of barbed wire surface treatment : Galvanized barbed wire, pvc coating barbed wire, hot-dipped barbed wire ,barbed wire clad aluminum. Surface treatment of the reason is to strengthen the anticorrosion intensity.
Double strand barbed wire
Double-strand barbed wire is made by a fully automated machine twist and weaving, using high-quality raw materials, low-carbon steel wire Q235 (via electro-galvanized, hot dip galvanized) embalmed twist and weaving, said electro-galvanized barbed wire, hot galvanized barbed wire, the product has strong, handsome features.
Weaving:  single twist barbed wire, double twist barbed wire and traditional twist barbed wire Features: sturdy and beautiful.
Uses: mainly used in industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, highway, forest protection barbed wire is a new barbed wire fence. The product has a good deterrent effect. It’s convenient for construction and economical and other outstanding features. Can be used for security windows, high-speed rails, fence confinement protection, rapid construction, the effect is significant.