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Why stainless steel mesh paint easy to fall

2016-01-13 15:21:51 Hot:

Stainless steel wire mesh in use, in the absence of surface friction, but simply filtering or protection when long-term use due to the nature makes the surface is not smooth, dull or produce rust (stainless steel will rust) so consider a stainless steel mesh The surface of the painting process, but some customers will say later painted stainless steel wire  mesh, it is easy to fall, and now we have to analyze painted stainless steel wire mesh easily fall Cause
1; temperature is not enough; good use quality powder needs special attention, and then into the stainless steel mesh arrive before the spray booth, the oven temperature must reach 200 degrees, if not it will cause the temperature of the powder at a high temperature melt when not fully fixed on the mesh will not be good.
2; poor quality powder; the main reason is because the particles of the powder sample sizes. This will result in insufficient powder melts at high temperatures, when the suction force so it naturally becomes smaller.
3; the quality of stainless steel wire mesh; the most important is the stainless steel wire mesh before spraying, and if necessary clean, the surface can not have dust, but can not have grease, if the mesh surface also affect the adsorption force unsanitary powder
    If the appearance of stainless steel  wire mesh and a variety of acid bleaching agents attached, it is easy to rust. Stainless steel wire mesh in the exercise of how conservation can progress their life that we all know is not rusting stainless steel, which is the reason people like the cause, many people feel that the appearance of stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel rust is a passive film is formed, just brilliant corrosion resistance of stainless steel, in nature it is in the form of a constant presence of the oxide, the necessary appearance of stainless steel wire mesh clean nursed held on schedule, do not rub with oil cloth