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Stainless steel mesh how to apply in the printing industry?

2016-01-13 15:31:29 Hot:

Stainless steel wire mesh used in the printing industry has been a long time, and today security mance Hardware Wire Mesh Industrial co., Limited here provide a report on the advantages of stainless steel mesh is mainly used in the printing industry for your reference.
Printing is most used 150 mesh, 180 mesh, 250 mesh, 400 mesh stainless steel wire mesh and so plain.
Through the stainless steel wire mesh plates to control ink flow separation is actually the use of special methods to generate screen printed version. If there is a longer horizontal line, and parallel to the blade on the job you need to print, then you will have to see when the ink flow and the blade reaches the edge of the emulsion layer, the squeegee is how shocks and sudden stall in those areas .

Stainless steel wire mesh control flow when using the ink for conventional woolen network has many advantages. Same size stainless steel wire mesh conducive to better control the ink precipitation. But also effectively avoid printing process dot gain, because even in the higher network coverage area, such network or trapping rate is much lower than other outlets. Stainless steel outlets in the screen printing Another advantage is that all outlets are arranged next to, rather than as a traditional stainless steel mesh stacked on top of each other in tone. Reduce the accumulation of outlets, it means in the printing process, out of ink phenomenon caused by the dot at the top of the pressure will be eased. Ink through stainless steel  wire mesh, the screen plate openings fell by the emulsion produced, and ultimately to the outer surface of the substrates