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Reason stainless steel mesh weave process appears broken machine

2015-12-22 16:30:38 Hot:

Stainless steel wire mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh is a use of the warp and weft knitting alternately a product, you can warp the mix of stainless steel wire mesh according to the material and wire diameter, so as to achieve our desired filtering accuracy of the filter products, but stainless steel mesh in the process of weaving phenomenon sometimes occurs off machines, today we have to look at where the reason.

In the process of weaving stainless steel wire mesh are now generally used shuttleless weaving technology for the production, especially stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel products, in the weaving process must soak them in soapy water with a special use, such phenomenon will not appear weft frequent occurrence, said today refers to all stainless steel cutting machine warp all broken at the moment, so that the whole structure of stainless steel mesh all destroyed, its phenomenon occurs mainly in three aspects s reason.

The first point is in the process of stainless steel wire mesh woven wire mesh of mesh too tight in the knitting process and constantly performed warp, but an uneven, it will continue to be carried out in the same stretch the knitting area, if not timely adjustment breakage occurs.

The second point is sent through the whole system problems, both of which are complementary, in the weaving process has sent via the system, have received through the system, if there is no synchronization between the two phenomena, there will be a phenomenon of broken machine.

The third point in the weaving process, over the edge of the screen appears the fracture, constantly weaving process, due to the action of the tension, it will be split from the edge to the inside constantly, leading to the occurrence of the phenomenon of broken machine.

The above three points is the reason for cutting machine stainless steel wire mesh which appears in the weaving process, the above understanding, we can learn from experience, to avoid the phenomenon of broken machine, so that we can produce more high-quality stainless steel wire mesh products we use.