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How to prevent the stainless steel wire mesh obstruction.

2016-01-10 15:56:05 Hot:

In everyday life and machine production, how to effectively prevent the stainless steel wire mesh blocked, this is a lot of customer concern,
When the filter is greater than 5% moisture in the environment, if the material is dried unconditionally respond stainless steel mesh sieve, sieve for dry pick. When the water is greater than 8%, it should be used in a wet screening. Of tabular grains more material, we need to change the method and not the same material crushing process flow granularity deployment. Specific specifications can be found stainless steel wire mesh Specifications Table
Since most of the material particles sieved demand is irregular, thus blocking reason is varied. When the material is fine-grained, clay content more, and screen size is small, the moisture blocking of stainless steel mesh on the decisive effect. Stainless steel mesh in the course is likely to cause a stainless steel mesh obstruction, summary return for the following reasons
First, the spherical particles or stainless steel wire mesh material having a plurality of contact points, simple terms is clogged mesh stainless steel wire mesh is because the contact area, the contact points;
Second, the impurity filter clogging material, rich in a lot near the stainless steel net mesh size of the particles, the simple understanding that substance diameter mesh size and stainless steel wire mesh filter of almost the same, so it is easy to get stuck mesh;
Third, the material has a fibrous material; tabular grain more; manufacture of stainless steel mesh blockage;
Fourth, rubber and other thick stainless steel mesh stainless steel mesh, hole-shaped plan is unreasonable, it does not reach the small great, leaving the particles stuck.