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Gabion box combined application of geotextile

2016-01-08 14:12:34 Hot:

This year in Wujiang City , without using conventional reinforced concrete structure, but the use of the structure of gabion box and beneath a layer of white geotextiles. After construction workers will be placed in a metal box on a flat embankment, then fill to the inside stones, rocks and other fill complete, will cover cap, so even finished. When this method of operation saves time and effort, and cost savings of about one third. Gabion box guarantees 30 - 50 years of life, even in the water can be guaranteed not to rust.

Gabion box in nature because of the force of gravity pressed very firmly. Meanwhile, in the role of man-made and natural environment, the gap between the stones continue to be filled with soil, plant the seeds in the soil between the stones of the root, and the root system of plants will be firmly secured against stones, so both play a role in slope, while a green environment.

This layer covers the gabion box cloth, called "impervious geotextile", it can prevent soil erosion on the embankment. There are four main functions:
1, isolation: namely the use of geotextiles for construction materials with different physical properties (particle size distribution, consistency and density, etc.) (such as soil and sand, sand and gravel, soil and concrete, etc.) in isolation. So between the two or more materials is not lost, not mixed, maintaining the overall structure and function of materials, so that the load bearing capacity of structures strengthened.
2, filter: When water from flowing into the coarse material washing soil materials soil, the use of geotextile good air permeability and water permeability, water flow through, while the effective closure of soil particles, sand, small stones, etc., in order to stable water to the project.
3. Drainage: acupuncture geotextile is good water permeable material, it can be formed in the soil drainage channels inside the body, the inner structure of the soil of excess fluid and gas xenophobic.
4, reinforcement: the use of acupuncture geotextile reinforced soil tensile strength and resistance to deformation energy.
With this new technology to build embankments both eco-friendly, and safe to use.