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Analytical reason stainless stee wirel mesh wire breaking

2015-12-27 16:13:09 Hot:

Stainless steel wire in the production process can sometimes be the case broken wire, this situation will seriously affect the quality of stainless steel mesh. Many technology is not skilled, inexperienced people do not know what the problem is in place, but do not know how to solve, the following conduct some resolve this problem description.
1. resize the mold machine error, in the weaving process will cause confusion ratio normal compression ratio, resulting in breakage. The solution is to ensure that the machine size absolute size of the mold.
2. Process interrupt the mold machine oil or water, causing mold to run large short pitch, the compression ratio condition appears imbalance, thereby broken wire. The solution is timely to each mold lubricant, to ensure its cooling and lubrication.
3. When woven wicker occurred during the wire, closing speed too fast will result in broken wire stainless steel mesh. The only solution is to replace the mold, ensure wicker wire phenomenon does not recur.
4. The mold a block excessive consumption of natural path, causing compression ratio around weaving disorders, broken wires appear, mainly as a location several times broken. The solution is to change the mold, before and after adjusting the compression ratio, until normal.
Is the reason for the broken wire above points braided stainless steel mesh and solutions appear here just to make a simple explanation, in order to more clearly understand the need to find professionals related information.