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300 mesh stainless steel square wire mesh filter screen 316

2016-01-12 15:03:58 Hot:

0.04MM*300 mesh stainless steel square wire mesh Weaving: plain weave and twill weave square mesh I-Net
I am director of the mass production of filter processing purposes: 1 is mainly used for air conditioning, purification, range hoods, air filters, dehumidifiers and dust, etc. 2 for a variety of different filters, dust removal and separation requirements applicable 3 petroleum, chemical, mining, food, pharmaceutical, paint and other industries requirements
Filter principle: metal mesh filtering mechanism process includes the following four stages, the initial stage of a filter, impurity particles with the fluid passes through the mesh screen media deposited on a clean surface, this time has not yet formed a continuous layer of particles, the pressure drop smaller loss, mainly by blocking and filtering an intermediate phase diffusion mechanism 2, to form a continuous filter layer, namely the cake, then filter pore size reduced, intercepting a substantial increase in dust deposition, a sharp increase in filtration efficiency, the filtration efficiency sharp rise high pressure filter stable rapid increase in 3 stages, this stage depends mainly on the role of the filter cake screening, screen plays and support strengthening the role of forming a cake, then filtering mechanism is mainly screening, when the pressure difference changes slowly, approximately constant relative intermediate stage filter cleaning stage 4: With the continuous thickening of the cake, need to be cleaned, to achieve recycling filter, then removal efficiency decreased slightly, thus completing a filtration cycle .